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New Open Forum

Discussion forum or Subaru360Club.org Site Feedback - Let us hear your suggestions to make our club better!

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project 360

New Open Forum

#1 Post by project 360 » 13 years ago

I know I'm new to this forum, but I've been wondering if there could be a topic for a forum for general discussions that could include social aspects of members lives, opinions on repair and ownership of their cars, be it Subaru or others, and just an overall open area for chat. (Am I rambling on again?)

Just a suggestion......

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#2 Post by MJ » 13 years ago

I agree :!:

Creates a sense of community and a way to get to know other members. I welcome this idea :)

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project 360

#3 Post by project 360 » 13 years ago

Anybody else interested?????

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Subie Gal
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#4 Post by Subie Gal » 13 years ago

this is something that was discussed a while ago
and decided we did not need

if enough members want it and Ed approves, we can add an off topic area

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project 360

#5 Post by project 360 » 13 years ago

Thanks for the reply Subiegal. It's always nice to see what an open topic area and an open mind can lend to an area such as this. All of my future forum subject matter will be within the parameters of the approved areas.

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