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for sale

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p&p pick-up
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for sale

#1 Post by p&p pick-up » 13 years ago

What happened to the want to buy and for sale sections??

360 Master
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#2 Post by 2stroketurbo » 13 years ago

They appear only to those logged in. I noticed that myself.

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Subie Gal
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#3 Post by Subie Gal » 13 years ago

You must be a member and be logged in to view the classifieds.
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#4 Post by azspud » 13 years ago

I'm logged in and can't see the for sale section

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#5 Post by chris » 13 years ago

Log in twice or I find if I just hit the enter on my key board after typing my password instead of the log in box on the screen it will not log me in properly too.

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#6 Post by subaru360nut » 13 years ago

On my computer, if I log in using the box for "log in to check private messages" I get in the first time, if I just do "log in" it takes 2 tries.
Also, the first way I get yellow bells, but noe the 2nd way. It may just be na AOL thing, but maybe not.

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