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parts for 360 sedan

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parts for 360 sedan

#1 Post by davidv » 1 year ago

getting close to finishing my 360 and im looking for wheel cylinders or wheel cylinder kit for both front and rear brakes. also looking for both rear axle inner cv boots or axles.
looking for front stabilizer bushing that fits at the front in the center of the suspension. all help will be appreciated.

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Re: parts for 360 sedan

#2 Post by subaru360nut » 1 year ago

David - if you don't have the BOOK OF REPRINTS you can download it free,
see PUBLICATIONS topic on this message board. There are sources for
the axle boots and tips on installing them.

Also LOTS on brake cyl repair and replacement.

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Re: parts for 360 sedan

#3 Post by oldone » 1 year ago

I have the new wheel cylinder cups. $30.00 shipped to you. Sedan or T/V sets Also they are on ebay.

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