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Shout out to Sigmaz

Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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Shout out to Sigmaz

#1 Post by Arthur » 3 years ago

Thanks Sigmaz for hooking me up with a 1970 sedan 360 young. I've been searching for over a year. I'm not very handy compared to most in the group but I'm going give it shot. Searching through a bunch of the old treads this group is more of a tribe with the elders passing down there knowledge. Even look at some of the names Oldone, Garm, and Sigmaz I should have picked a name like 1 feather. My next post will be a list of all the small parts that are missing on this 360.


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Re: Shout out to Sigmaz

#2 Post by oldone » 3 years ago

That's a dang good start, I see a lot of hard to find parts. The crew here can take you thru it, just don't try to do in a week as on TV. My project is in it's 2nd year, but will be worth it.

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Re: Shout out to Sigmaz

#3 Post by books1 » 3 years ago

... but there again, don't go the other extreme... mine's in its thirty-sixth year..... :shock: 8)

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Re: Shout out to Sigmaz

#4 Post by kjrcace360fan » 3 years ago

Hope I didn't lead you down the rabbit hole. Looks like a good start. As always I'll help all I can. Can't believe you passed up Hippie for this one but your loss and well Hippie needs more body work. I printed your list and I'll see if I can find you any needed parts.
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Re: Shout out to Sigmaz

#5 Post by subaru360nut » 3 years ago

Arthur - welcome to The Club!
Please E-MAIL me.

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