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The Gidge

Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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The Gidge

#1 Post by Ksosprouo » 8 years ago

Hello all,
I am a proud owner of a 1969 360 van named Gidget and have been stalking these forums for the last few months to get her back on the road. I figured it was time to introduce myself (and Gidge) to everybody. I picked her up in either 2007 or 2008, I can't remember and she's in pretty good shape with some minor wrinkles on the front and virtually no rust. The van and I shared some amazing commutes from Portland, OR to Everett, WA, about 200 miles each way in the first few months. Unfortunately the van has been sitting for the past 2 years and needed a brake job. Thanks to Ed and his generosity I have now rebuilt the brakes and the fan runs like a champ.




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Re: The Gidge

#2 Post by carlofsumner » 8 years ago


Welcome to the club, even though it seems like you've been around for a while. The NW has a lot of 360's as you have probably already found out and it looks like we have another nice example in Gidget. If you are every up Sumner way (just east of Tacoma) stop in and visit Gidget's cousin, a yet unnamed sedan.

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Re: The Gidge

#3 Post by books1 » 8 years ago

Gidget - the little girl with big ideas, huh?


Welcome to the Club from downunder, Kacy!

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Re: The Gidge

#4 Post by drrishi1 » 8 years ago

welcome, van looks nice
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Re: The Gidge

#5 Post by kjrcace360fan » 8 years ago

Welcome to the club. When I get spud going I plan to take part in some 200 mile cruises here in WV. Nice looking van.
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Re: The Gidge

#6 Post by oldone » 8 years ago

Kacy Welcome Nice looking van.

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Re: The Gidge

#7 Post by Subie Gal » 8 years ago

Yay and you're in Everett!!!

Stanley and I live in Mill Creek....

We should get these 2 together, have a cruise, would be fun!! :lol:
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Re: The Gidge

#8 Post by Kanzen-Henkei » 8 years ago

Ksosprouo wrote:Hello all,
I am a proud owner of a 1969 360 van named Gidget
That is the best name ever!
Semper Fidelis,
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