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Aloha from Hawaii

Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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Aloha from Hawaii

#1 Post by ABonds86 » 8 months ago

Hello, my name is Albert. Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I’ve recently inherited my fathers 1969 Subaru 360 van after his passing. Unfortunately I was not able to learn the ins and outs of properly maintaining it before he left. My goal is to have it shipped to Hawai’i and back on the road ASAP.

It hasn’t been registered since 2013, and been kept in the garage ever since. My father being a mechanic and having owned multiple 360 trucks/vans throughout the years must have maintained it properly because every year I would visit (up until 2019) it would always run. I’m just not able confirm what exactly he was or was not able to do. Im currently in the process of reading Through the book of reprints to get a better understanding. I’ll have a better idea what shape the van is when I come to California to pick it up.

If anybody has any tips or advice on how to ensure that I have taken every step necessary to make sure it’s properly maintained before I get back on the road that would be greatly appreciated. E.g oil change, fluids check, brake inspection etc. please forgive me I’m not that mechanically inclined. My hope is to change that thanks to all the info provided in the book of reprints 😂

Mahalo for your time 🤙

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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#2 Post by books1 » 8 months ago

Welcome to the Club... from downunder.

Sorry for your loss, but your Father will live through many things - the least being through that sturdy looking little van!

You have come to the ideal place for tips and tricks to keep the little chap on the road.



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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#3 Post by JustinTheSambar » 8 months ago

Welcome Albert. While there a number of things to keep an eye on(brakes,oil pump), most of them are small. You see what I did there? I hope you are up and running soon. I'm sure your Dad would appreciate your interest in something he clearly loved. In general these 360's are pretty hard not to love. All the best!


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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#4 Post by SLOMO69 » 8 months ago

welcome and great looking van!

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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#5 Post by subaru360nut » 8 months ago

Welcome to The Club! The Book of Reprints will answer at least 95% of
the questions you have about your van. I drove one like it every day for
40 years and 2 months, never got stuck on the road with it!
You can always find help on this website.

300,000+ miles on Subaru 360s since Feb. 1975, and have never (yet) been stuck on the road with one!

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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#6 Post by carlofsumner » 8 months ago

Welcome to the club and what they all said! :D
Carl D
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Re: Aloha from Hawaii

#7 Post by oldone » 8 months ago

Welcome aboard.... Nice van..... What island??? I have been to Maui & Oahu.....

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