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Seattle 360 Van

Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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Seattle 360 Van

#1 Post by Hari_Seldon » 2 days ago

Hello from Seattle,

I have the White 1970 Van in the center below. The photo is from around 2015, the last time all 3 of these were roadworthy. I just got mine back after a few years in storage, it doesn't start or stop so I've got some work to do. I've got a call into Karp's to see about a brake rebuild. Any PNW tips on shops or other resources are welcome as I'm new to the area. I had a nice chat with Mark at http://www.mphspecialties.com/ the other day and he had some good tips to get me started.


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Re: Seattle 360 Van

#2 Post by subaru360nut » 2 days ago

Mark is a good guy to know, he has restored many 360s and other

300,000+ miles on Subaru 360s since Feb. 1975, and have never (yet) been stuck on the road with one!

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Re: Seattle 360 Van

#3 Post by kjrcace360fan » 1 day ago

Looks like a really nice van.
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Re: Seattle 360 Van

#4 Post by books1 » 15 hours ago

Welcome to the Club!

Yep, Mark's the man, to fix your van!

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Re: Seattle 360 Van

#5 Post by carlofsumner » 8 hours ago

Welcome to the club from Tacoma. I have a sedan, unfortunately still in restoration.
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