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New Member Sacramento area

Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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New Member Sacramento area

#1 Post by Kellen » 3 weeks ago

Hi everyone. I’m a new member in the Sacramento area. I have a yellow sedan, a Van, and the infamous Subaru Burro!!!! I also have a parts sedan and a parts van that was cut into a truck

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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#2 Post by subaru360nut » 3 weeks ago

Good luck with your fleet! We are here to help. Keep us posted.

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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#3 Post by Kellen » 2 weeks ago

Thank you Ed. Your carburetor advice was flawless and the extra gaskets on the float helped reduce gas leaks. I’m confident now that the other two carburetor rebuilds will go well. Almost time to reject it when the weather gets below 70 degrees

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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#4 Post by books1 » 2 weeks ago

G'day Kellen, from downunder!

Sweet fleet you have there!

You're in the right place for useful advice, I'll certainly be needing some short;ly for my project.



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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#5 Post by oldone » 1 week ago

Welcome aboard from Norman Okla. Nice group you have there. Hope to see a lot more of them. Oldone

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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#6 Post by kjrcace360fan » 1 week ago

Welcome, I see your in deep. Love the pics. Too bad you found that burrito before me. I'm still bummed
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Re: New Member Sacramento area

#7 Post by carlofsumner » 6 days ago

Welcome from Washington
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