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Place to come in and say HI to the club after you have registered

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#1 Post by Zanderman127 » 1 month ago

Hello, I am new to this group. It was suggested to me from a group on Facebook as a great place to get parts and expert advice about my new car.

My car is a 1970 sedan. I just bought it in February. It had been sitting since 1995. The first weekend my friend and I were playing with it we were able to get it running off of ether to make sure it runs, which it does beautifully. It's not in the best shape since it is from Wisconsin, so I'm not trying to make it showroom condition or need specific Subaru parts. I've just wanted one for the last 10 years and was finally able to find one near me, so looking to have some fun with it. I will try and post pics of it, but not sure if it will work.

There are still some parts that I need right now that I'm hoping to get a decent deal on. They are:

- Brake Wheel Cylinder, one front and one rear
- Axel Nuts for both front wheels
- Throttle Cable
- Choke Cable
- E Brake Cables

My goal was to have it road ready by June, but it's been difficult finding those parts without paying an arm and a leg for them. Any help with those and things along the way is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your group!

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Re: Hello!

#2 Post by Zanderman127 » 1 month ago

More pictures

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Re: Hello!

#3 Post by Ted494 » 1 month ago

Hey Zanderman, welcome to the group and congrats on your sedan. Plenty of helping hands here. Check out the BOR (book of reprints). Its basically the subaru 360 bible😁


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Re: Hello!

#4 Post by subaru360nut » 1 month ago

Welcome to The Club!

PM me.

300,000+ miles on Subaru 360s since Feb. 1975, and have never (yet) been stuck on the road with one!

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Re: Hello!

#5 Post by oldone » 1 month ago

Welcome to the Club !!! I have the wheel cylinder cups, but most of the time the cyls will need to be sleeved.

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Re: Hello!

#6 Post by books1 » 1 month ago

Welcome to The Club from Downunder, Zanderman - and to Big Daddy! He/She looks pretty sound from the pics. You've come to the right place. Good luck on the resto journey!

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Re: Hello!

#7 Post by kjrcace360fan » 1 month ago

Good to see ya here. Welcome to the 360 think tank.
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Re: Hello!

#8 Post by carlofsumner » 1 month ago


What they all said!!!!!
Carl D
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Re: Hello!

#9 Post by jcimino » 1 month ago

Welcome to the club, my brother-in-law is near Madison.
Jim Cimino

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