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Finally!! 3.2.1 is here!

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Finally!! 3.2.1 is here!

#1 Post by Sigmaz » 4 years ago

Ok gang, sorry for the delay and hiccups during the update.

I have pushed the forum up to another level.

As you can see there have been a few visual changes. everything is still here but may have been shifted around a little.

We hear your cries people and that is why one enhancement in this update is the ability to make painless comment photo uploads.

All you need to do now is simply drag and drop your photos into the message composition box.

Your images will be "automagially" uploaded to the forum image storage vault.
Then all there is for you to do is click on the position in the message that you are composing where you'd like the image to appear and then on the associated "Place inline" button.
...and the photo will be embedded into the message at that location..

Easy peasy.

Another thing you may notice is that every post now has an embedded "scroll to top" control in it's lower right corner. The name is self explanatory.
This control eliminates the need to run a separate extension module to perform the task. Yeay!

There is also now a global search tool located up in the header of the pages.. use this tool as you normally would.. to search.. Duh!'!

AAAAAND.... I added a relative date/time function so you dont have to figure out how long ago things happened.. i.e. "Joe Schmoe posted 25 mins ago.. "
'The little su-BAR-u... Wow.'

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