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Site Software Update

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Site Software Update

#1 Post by Sigmaz » 6 years ago

Hey gang!

So, January proved to be a real busy month for fixing the forum.
Between issues with our hosting provider and our registrar I was running like a madman trying to get and keep everything working.

fortunately that's all behind us now.. and one other thing I was FINALLY able to do was update the database to the latest schema and install the finest and most cutting edge version of the forum software.

This new version should allow us to expand and provide valuable services to our users as well as help along with the burden of member administration.

I can't thank you all enough for supporting us during this transition from old broken junk to new shiny goodness.

Some of you may notice there are a few things missing i.e. Ian's custom 'Active topics' link on the bottom of pages (it'll be back soon)
...and some of you may notice new features like the notifications alert up next to your PM alert or the scroll to top button that will appear in the bottom right of your screen if you scroll down
My favorite is the new "similar topics" feature.. you'll see it.. its very useful.

Sometimes similar doesn't mean related.. but its a good tool anyway.

Feel free to explore and if something isn't working properly please let me or Jamie know.

Thanks again! and enjoy.

'The little su-BAR-u... Wow.'

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