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Parts Crossover/Reference Section

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Parts Crossover/Reference Section

#1 Post by Sigmaz » 7 years ago

Great news!
The Crossover/Parts reference section has been opened!!

The BOR is a vast treasure trove of information and we need to get as many of the parts references up here too.

We need your help populating the section though.

I would love to see this as a live BOR. Populated with the current BOR facts and also any new reference info we can muster.

There are new parts being used mentioned every day in the forums, but unfortunately they quickly get buried or lost in the chatter of the thread.

Things like fuel pump's windshields, wiper washer bottles, escutcheons, keys, bolts, whatever! We want to know about them all.

This section wont have any chatter other than the part related post and any supporting comments on that part.

If you have a new part number or crossover idea that works, A spare moment, and would like to contribute, Feel free to submit a post.

But before you post up anything, Please take a look at the structure of the area and the sample posts that are already present.

Whenever possible upload images that are to be included with the post within the post itself, this will help prevent broken links should the original host go offline or change structure.

All posts will be moderated for accuracy and proper formatting, so don't get upset if it isn't posted right away or in it's original format.
We already have a group of moderators ready to update your posts so they shouldn't be sitting for too long.

This is a pretty big task but I'm certain that this resource will prove helpful to everyone.

So anytime you find something new, Post it up in here too!
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