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Subaru360club.org Discussion Board Codes of Conduct

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Subaru360club.org Discussion Board Codes of Conduct

#1 Post by Subie Gal » 13 years ago

1) Any Subaru 360 enthusiast can freely visit the Subaru360Club.org website and post messages on the forums.

2) Any Subaru 360 owner can become an official member as long as they abide by the codes of conduct.

3) Subaru360Club.org Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forums.

4) The views, and opinions, expressed on the Subaru360Club.org forum are not necessarily those of the Subaru360Club itself.

5) Members are limited to one username on Subaru360Club.org, creating extra usernames will result in deletion of accounts.

6) Prohihibited Types of Posts on Subaru360Club.org Include:

1. Links to copywritten Subaru of America material (factory service manuals).
2. Links to or requests for software serial numbers, warez, mp3s, illegal software, etc.
3. NWS (Not Work Safe) material. This can include everything from websites about hate groups to pornography.
4. Misleading links. A misleading link is a text link that says one thing and takes you to another site.
5. Links to websites that contain crazy pop-ups, make your CD tray open, or otherwise disturb your computer.
6. Any profanity or pornography (or internet links to them) are strictly prohibited on the Subaru360Club.org forums.
7. The forums use a
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