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Sending Private Messages

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Sending Private Messages

#1 Post by Subie Gal » 13 years ago

This is a guide which will allow you to use our Private Message Feature

If you are new to this type of message board,
the term Private Message may be new, and a bit foreign to you.

A Private Message, or "PM" for short,
Is similar to an email.

Board members have the ability to send messages/discussions
to other board members within this site.

Much like email, except that the messages are not sent to your email
but rather stored here on the discussion board.

To send a Private Message:

There are a few ways to do this:

Within a thread or discussion
1) Make sure you are logged in.

2) find the user you wish to message

3) at the bottom of their Post you will see:

click this Icon

4) You will be taken to the private message screen
enter a subject, fill in the text/body of your message & then click "submit"

Other means of messaging a board member:

Use the search (see top of message boards) & Search for a member name

Once you have found the correct user: "click" their user name

This will take you into their profile.
Profile Example: *click here for Profile Example

Once in their Profile, click the PM Button Image

and send a message!

Please Message me if you have questions :) Image



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