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by poobear
11 months ago
Forum: Site Feedback
Topic: Why can't it remember me??
Replies: 30
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Re: Why can't it remember me??

This is why computers can Never compete with human beings. Can any one of us imagine "Not remembering Ed Parsil.?" Personally he's my adoptive grandfather to me, as well as great friend, mentor. Ed it's not all bad as computers dont have feelings and didn't realize that " Not remembering you" was ju...
by poobear
5 years ago
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: New member
Replies: 11
Views: 4758

Re: New member

Hey welcome to The Club. Coolest vehicles but better members. Do bring one of your babies to the beach with you? I tow my Nash Metropolitan behind my Ford F350/Lance camper rig to Emma Wood Beach in Ventura,Ca. You become mini celebrities with the cool rides. Can't wait to bring my van and Frog/dune...
by poobear
5 years ago
Forum: Introduce Yourself!
Topic: Photo of my 360 modified
Replies: 7
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Re: Photo of my 360 modified

Eds right it looks quite similar to the Peanut. I had the pleasure of driving in it with either Mort Smit or Lou Crank whom I believe co-built it.