What is the Subaru 360 Drivers Club?
Established in 1979, we are an international all-volunteer club of hobbyists who have joined together with a simple mission: "to keep our favorite vehicles on the road and running on both cylinders."

The club has been functioning since 1980 and has grown considerably in size since then. With the addition of our new website, we continue to grow and gain worldwide recognition. We publish a quarterly newsletter that contains tips, technical knowledge, parts availability, and general news about our favorite vehicles. These newsletters and tips are gathered and stored in our ever-growing Book of Reprints, 360 Club lingo for "book of 360 knowledge!"

Club History
The founder and current organizer of the Subaru 360 Drivers Club is Ed Parsil. Ed first purchased a Subaru 360 van in 1975 when gas prices were going up, as he thought it would be a practical vehicle. He quickly ran into the same problems that other 360 owners already knew of, namely, the lack of availability of parts. This prompted Ed to look for and try to contact other 360 owners in order to form a 360 network.

Ed found an ad in Hemmings Motor News, and through this ad was able to reach other 360 owners. By 1979 he had contacted over twenty-five 360 owners across the US, and the club was formed. With member Ray Hilofsky, he started a four-page newsletter. The original club dues were $2 - one for each cylinder!

The club was chartered as, and remains today, an all-volunteer association of past, present, and prospective Subaru 360 owners. Its mission is simply "to keep our favorite vehicles on the road and running on both cylinders."

The Club was officially organized in 1980 with 87 charter members in 31 states, for a total of 140 360s. The first newsletter came out in November of 1979. As of December 2005, we now have 400 member families with about 850 Subaru 360s! Our members hail from around the globe, including the US and Japan, where the 360 is gaining an almost cult-like following.

Who can Join?
Simply put, any past, present, or prospective owner of any Subaru 360 vehicle or vehicles. Club dues of $8.00 USD are to be paid annually, and members are to act in concurrence with club purpose and principles.

What is the Book of Reprints?
This is a must-have for any 360 owner! The Book of Reprints is an ever-growing, invaluable source of 360 information, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else!

This book contains:
  • Over 400 pages (bound in a ring binder) of Subaru 360 material!
  • Decades of Subaru 360 Drivers Club newsletters, resources and tips!
  • An index to the technical 360 articles, making information-sourcing easy!

    This book has more 360 information than most owners will ever need or ever possibly use!
    See details below on how to pay and order the Book of Reprints.

    How do I join the Club?

    Click here for our membership application form.
    Download the form, fill it out, and e-mail it to us.

    Membership payment - you can pay using Paypal or Check/Money order - see below for several different options.

    Option 1 - Annual club Membership
    (FYI, as of 2011 - Book of reprints is now free to download once your application is submitted and club dues are paid.)
    Use the paypal button below to submit payment and get access to the Forum and the Book of Reprints.
    For existing members, this is the easiest way to pay your annual dues!

    Subaru 360 Drivers' Club Membership


    Option 2 - Book of Reprints in Digital/CD Format!
    For those of you that prefer to have the BOR on CD
    Pricing as of October 2008 - Book of Reprints on CD is $20.00 **Use the paypal button below*** to pay for and order the Book of Reprints on CD + a 1-Year Membership. ($20.00)

    Option 3 - Book of Reprints in: Paper/3 Ring Binder format
    This option is for you book lovers. If you just have to have the BOR in hard copy, this is for you. Over time, the cost of the paper version of this book has increased. This is due to its ever-growing size and the corresponding increase in the postage required to ship it. Currently, the Book of Reprints, if ordered separately from club membership sells for $52.00 USD - still money well-spent! Use the paypal button below to order the BOR hard copy + 1 year membership. Choose your location before sending payment. Shipping is included. (Note: International shipping costs are quite expensive for this item)

    Choose Location

    Click here for our membership application form.
    Download the form , fill it out, save it.
    If you are using paypal, Email Brian with your completed membership application form.
    DO YOU PREFER TO PAY BY CHECK? - - - If you are paying by check, print the form, and send payment to the following address:

    Brian Kliment
    23251 Hansen Rd
    Tracy, CA 95304

    Please make checks and money orders payable to Brian Kliment.

    Questions about joining? Send an e-mail to Brian!
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